Wii flowing in red to honour Mario’s 25 years of plumbing

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Nintendo has this morning announced a trio of promotional bundle packs to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its spokesplumber Mario. Two of these packs are for the Wii, whilst the third is for the DSi.

Since first being charged with the responsibility of rescuing the Princess in 1985, Mario has gone on to become the world’s most famous plumber, perhaps even most famous Italian, with a string of best-selling video games and even an appalling movie starring Bob Hoskins. Now 25, Mario is being celebrated vociferously, with some acclaim also for his brother Luigi and that toadstool character that could run fast on ice in Super Mario Bros 2.

The first bundle pack invites consumers to purchase a limited edition red Wii for RRP $299. This includes the Wii itself, a MotionPlus remote, a Nunckuk, the new Super Mario Bros Wii game, Wii Sports and the original Super Mario Bros games built in to the console. Unfortunately Duck Hunt is not also included.

For those that prefer Mario driving rather than disappearing into pipe-based oubliettes, then the second pack should appeal. Also RRP $299, the Mario Kart Wii pack includes a white Wii, Remote Plus, Nunchuk, Mario Kart Wii and the Wii Wheel, Wii Sports and the original Super Mario Bros pre-installed.

For the trainspotters out there, in both of these pre-installed Super Mario Bros games, the question mark (?) on the gold bricks has been replaced with the number 25. Brilliant.

Lastly, for the DSi console, consumers who purchase any colour model of this handheld gaming phenomenon will receive a free copy Mario Kart DS. The DSi is RRP $249.

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