Sharp offers bonus 3D glasses in new promotion

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: What consumers expect will come in the box and what actually does, are two very different things. 3D TVs and the non-accompanying 3D glasses is a classic example, which Sharp has kept in mind when preparing its new bonus promotion.

In an effort to alleviate discounting Sharp has announced three bonus deals targeted at the new Quattron – with the added yellow – or 3D LCD TV buyers.

Consumers who purchase a selected Quattron 3D LCD TV (LC60LE925X) will receive three pairs of 3D glasses, a wireless IPTV multimedia kit and a 500GB PVR valued at RRP $1,399.

A two-in-one deal is offered to those who purchase a selected Aquos LCD TV (LC46LE820X, LC52LE700X and LC52LE820X), who will receive a 32-inch HD LCD TV valued at RRP $699.

Finally, consumers who purchase a selected Aquos LCD TV (LC40LE700X, LC40LB700X, LC40LE820X, LC46LE700X and LC46LB700X) will receive a 500GB PVR valued at RRP $499.

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