Renegade Samsung salesman sourcing more stock, showroom planned

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Nick Ballantine, operator of 3DcheapTV, is travelling to China to source stock to fulfil the orders he has reportedly taken for the Samsung 3D TVs he claims to sell. Furthermore, he claims to soon be opening a showroom in Sydney to display the mysterious stock that he first started advertising last Sunday.

Despite Samsung publicly declaring that his operation was not endorsed by the Korean brand, which today revealed it held 89 per cent of the 3D TV market, and threatening legal action, Ballantine is telling consumers that he will be accepting orders again in 14 days.

The website stopped taking orders sometime Monday afternoon, with Ballantine saying stock exhaustion was the cause of this trading halt. There is speculation, however, that PayPal suspended the account due to allegations of impropriety.

In an email to prospective customers today, Ballantine said that new stock was on the way.

“I am travelling to China to purchase stock in the next couple of days to fulfil All our customer’s requests (sic).

“We are opening a showroom within the month, in Sydney and would like to keep you in the loop about what is happening and also find out about which models you would like to buy and or are interested in (sic),” wrote Ballantine.

This is a reprinted copy of the email Ballantine is sending to prospective consumers. Our only change is to partially cover his email address.

If you have any information about 3DcheapTV, please contact us in confidence.

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