Kogan attacks small appliance market: a rip off

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Kogan has today begun to sell automatic espresso coffee machines, bagless vacuum cleaners and convection microwaves, in direct competition with bricks and mortar retailers and established suppliers.

The shift from the electronics market sets Kogan up against manufacturers like Dyson, Sharp, De’Longhi and Breville, which Ruslan Kogan said would be threatened by his new range.

"After having taken on the big name brands in the electronics and gadget markets, we're now throwing down the gauntlet to home appliance retailers and manufacturers,” said Kogan.

"We constantly have customers telling us they have a few Kogan products and love them, but wish we would take on the big name brands in home appliances and other industries that have been ripping them off.

"We're here to smash the status quo and we've done just that today.

"We're selling these high end multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaners, convection microwaves and automatic espresso coffee machines at a fraction of the cost of big name brands," Kogan said.

Meanwhile, certain suppliers have told Current.com.au that the products Kogan is peddling are particularly difficult to get right and of good quality, in other words, buyers beware.

In an exclusive interview in August, Kogan revealed his plans to release small appliances to Current.com.au, saying he would not infringe any relevant patents.

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