Sony explains e-reader’s exclusive distribution model

By James Wells

HVAR, CROATIA: Sony Australia has today clarified why it has chosen to distribute its new range of e-readers through the High Street book retail channel.

Speaking to, general manager – consumer key accounts, Jeremy Senior said Sony’s strategy is to build the consumer base with its e-readers before it commences distribution through the traditional consumer electronics channel.

“While other readers are available, it is a fragmented market with different players taking different approaches,” said Senior. “Sony is a leader in readers around the world, and the experience we have seen in the US and Europe means it is critical we build the category right the first time.

“We need to target consumers where the behaviour is most prevalent. Our initial launch will be focused around retail outlets where books are available as opposed to just putting it into the CE channel from the beginning.

“We will be generating consumer awareness of what the device is and how it can be interacted into consumer’s lives. It is different to competitor’s products as it is a standalone reading device.

“Sony believes the Pocket and the Touch fit the size and pricepoint for the Australian market.”

“The e-reader category is not mature in Australia as it is in the US and UK. We are establishing the awareness in book retail chains as that is where people buy books — this is a book. I have communicated this to the retail base and we need to be careful and nurture the category into the market and connect it with the environment where the behaviour currently exists."

Additional reporting by Patrick Avenell

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