Ex DJs CEO “totally rejects” new spate of allegations

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Former David Jones CEO, Mark McInnes, has this afternoon contested the recent spate of accusations by David Jones ex publicist Kristy Fraser-Kirk.

Fraser-Kirk told the Federal Court in Sydney today that McInnes sexually harassed a 19-year-old secretary in 1990, when he worked at Black and Decker, according to Fairfax news.

David Jones, its entire board and Mark McInnes are being sued by Fraser-Kirk for an historic $37 million, claiming McInnes made unwelcome sexual advances towards her, and that the company tolerates a culture of sexual harassment.

McInnes has said the claims are “gross exaggerations”.

“I totally reject the 20-year-old Black and Decker allegations,” said McInnes in a statement.

“These intolerable and wholly unsubstantiated accusations are an abuse of the legal process. We look forward to our day in court.”

“Ms Fraser-Kirk’s solicitors have not backed up the new allegations made against me in court on August 30.”

“We reminded her solicitor in court that he would have to certify reasonable grounds for any of the allegations made against me. They have not named, or even referred to the further six alleged David Jones victims who they claimed would be witnesses.”

“They have referred to one unnamed, unsourced employee with an allegation of flirtation.”

“Once again I deny the vast majority of allegations. These are simply more untruths, more untested claims and gross exaggerations.”

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