The bizarre and beautiful world of Japanese coffee machines (images)

By Patrick Avenell

OSAKA, JAPAN: There's nothing more interesting than seeing the different form factors that are popular around the world. Whilst overseas activity in mobile phones and tablet computers gain a lot of press in Australia, even the less zeitgeist categories can intrigue and amuse with some bizarre shapes and sizes. At Umeda Camera in Osaka this week, came across a collection of distinctly original new coffee machines, each made by Nescafe. This is the same company that owns the Nespresso brand, which is manufactured and distributed in Australia by De'Longhi. It will be interesting to see if these new designs become as popular in Australia as they are here.

This is a very chic spherical model, with silver tones on the interior and reflective white on the exterior.

This is called the Dolce Gusto range, with designs in silver, white and black.

From the front on, these three models look normal enough, but from profile, they have a much more avian appeal. Japanese consumers can take on home for A$190.

That same model seen from the side takes on a more duck like shape. How quacky!

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