Ups and downs for Dyson in Japan (images)

By Patrick Avenell in Osaka

OSAKA, JAPAN: Sure as day follows night and the Dragons being accused of choking in the semifinals, the presence of Dyson Air Multipliers inside a retail store is always going to turn heads. And so it was in Osaka this week, when stumbled upon the new AM02 and AM03 ranges in the air conditioning section of a large electronics store.

Even more impressive, and keeping with Dyson's overall mantra, was the pricing. Even with Japan's economy in recession and season product heavily commoditised and over supplied here, Dyson was still able to charge a premium, with both models more expensive on the shop floor here compared to their Australian RRPs.

Dyson is also breaking through the international barrier: one of only a few suppliers to do so. With Osaka home to large Sharp and Panasonic offices, these two suppliers are well represented in stores, as are fellow Japanese brands Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba. There is, however, a noticable lack of retail space afforded Samsung, LG and the various Chinese brands. Dyson and Apple were significantly better represented than any other non-Japanese brand.

A local checks out one of the new Dyson Air Multipliers. Based on current exchange rates, the AM02 and AM03 were selling for just over $700.

It isn't all good news for Dyson, however, with this less than dynamic and certainly less effective version of the AirBlade failing to dry hands at Osaka Expo 70 Stadium.

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