A lesson in how to sell 3D, direct from Japan (with images)

By Patrick Avenell in Osaka

OSAKA, JAPAN: The Japanese economy might be in a "slow decline", according to the local English language newspaper, but the local retailers certainly know how to market and sell new technology. At the Yodobashi-Umeda store in downtown Osaka, all the major suppliers have outdone themselves in setting up in-store demonstrations for 3D technology.

Aside from a few notable exceptions, such as the Samsung set-up at Kambo's Retravision and various Sony Centres, Australian retailers have struggled to convey the benefits of 3D to consumers, according to a number of industry insiders, including Sony Australia's resident technology expert Paul Colley.

3D glasses are fixed to a stand in front of this Panasonic Viera 3D TV. A cord provides continuous power to the eyeware, so the battery never runs flat.

It's a similar story for this 3D Sharp Aquos TV. Notice all the shelf-talkers around the TV? Even though there are lots of salespeople in the store, the Japanese are keen to convey as much info as possible to prospective consumers. Current.com.au also appreciated the Australian themed pictures on the screen.

An example of a TV wall in Japan. There were similar displays for Sony, Hitachi, Sharp and Toshiba. Conspicuous by their absense were the two Korean powerhouses (Samsung and LG) and the emerging Chinese brands.

In this shot, a range of different 3D TVs are all on display together, each with their own fixed glasses. The would-be consumer can then check out how each different brand uses the technology to find the one that's best for them.

And for the gamers out there, this is a 3D Toshiba Dynabook.

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