Kenwood’s Diamond Jubilee marked in style with new Cooking Chef

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: England – 1950: The Arsenal has just won their third FA Cup, Disney’s Cinderella is top of the box office and Prime Minister Clement Atlee has nationalised the utilities. And a 34-year-old inventor name Kenneth Wood introduced his first Chef kitchen machine to the market.

Last night, as part of the Kenwood Chef’s global 60th Birthday celebrations, De’Longhi Australia (owner of the brand rights) hosted a double celebration at the chic Tim Olsen Gallery in East Sydney.

Not only was the Diamond Jubilee of the Chef toasted, a new revolution in the history of this product was ushered in: the Kenwood Cooking Chef, a remarkable new iteration that incorporates induction cooking into this benchtop institution.

 After an introductory speech by De’Longhi Australia CEO Paolo Albertoni, the new Kenwood Cooking Chef was demonstrated to the assembled guests — all impeccably dressed for the evening — by renowned food impresario John Wilson, who whipped up some dough, prepared a batch of risotto and tempered some chocolate on the new machine.

The key features of the Kenwood Cooking Chef (RRP $1,999) include 1,500-watt planetary mixing, an 1,100-watt induction cooking system, 6.7-litre bowl capacity, precise temperature control between 20° and 140° Celsius, 8 mixing speeds and an array of safety mechanisms.

As with all previously released Kenwood Chefs, there is a multitude of accessories that can be used with this machine. New additions to the fold include a stainless steel stirring tool, a high temperature flexible beater, a power whisk and stainless steel spiral dough hook.

The new Kenwood Cooking Chef (RRP $1,999).

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