New Sharp Quattron is the iPad of TVs (images)

By Patrick Avenell in Osaka

OSAKA, JAPAN: The first thing that stands out about the new Sharp Aquos Quattron TVs is how much they look like giant horizontal iPads. The second thing that you notice is how much better the yellows truly are.

In Osaka, Japan for the launch of the new technology to the Australian market, yesterday saw first hand what the new dimension in colour television actually meant. The Quattron technology clearly increases the resonance of light greens and very light blues, and all yellows, but it has little to no effect on the deeper oranges, reds and purples, and dark blue.

There are three models in the Quattron range, which is called the LE820 Series. These are the 40V, 46V and 52V SKUs, with the number representing the size of the panel. The panels are 39 millimetres thick, have LED backlighting and 6-star energy ratings.

The very iPad-esque 52V model. The iPad has received a lot o praise for its "magical" design, so perhaps that praise can now be transferred to Sharp.

The model on the right is the new Quattron, the model on the left is Sharp's former high-end model. Even compared to one of its own flagship models, the Quattron is noticably better at displaying yellows and light blues.

And again, this the same image shown on both a Sharp RGB TV and the new Quattron.

The full line-up of Sharp's first range of Quattron TVs.

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