Godfreys recall, risk of electric shock

By Keri Algar


SYDNEY, NSW: Godfreys has issued a nationwide recall of the Turbo Dust Interceptor after a customer has raised safety concerns.


A potential risk of electric shock or burns may be caused by unstable internal pins, which if dislodged may result in electrocution.


Godfreys has advised customers immediately cease use of the product and disconnect the hose of the vacuum cleaner, returning the product to a Godfreys store for a full refund.


The Turbo Dust Interceptors were sold between 1 May 2008 and 20 August 2010 with the product numbers 31300479 and 31300356, which are affixed to the product.


Godfreys also voluntarily recalled the Turbo Dust Interceptor (31300412) in January 2008 for units sold between 29 October 2007 and 30 December 2007, again for a potential electric shock hazard.


Customers can contact Godfreys on 1800 815 270.

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