How traffic congestion can be solved and Australia’s busiest state capital

By Patrick Avenell in Melbourne

MELBOURNE, VIC: Intelematics, the company behind the Suna traffic service, today opened its doors to media, offering a rare glimpse at how live traffic data is pushed directly to a motorist's Navman, Garmin or Uniden (amongst others) GPS system.

Since launch in late 2008, Intelematics has struggled to properly communicate the benefits of its service. Today's open house demonstrated how the Suna information is sourced, collated and then delivered to users.

An Intelematics employee analyses the data as it comes in to the company's Melbourne head office.

A snapshot of Brisbane traffic at around 1pm today. The green lines indicate flowing traffic, whilst the red lines signify traffic congestion.

This is the Sydney CBD at the same time: there's a bit more red and some splashes of intermediate orange.

The evidence is clear: based on today's results at least, Melbourne has the most congested city centre (as of 1pm today).

On this screen, the operator can identify what the cause of traffic congestion is, ensuring the data sent to a GPS device is accurate.

And on this screen, the operator can input what effects the congestion has caused.

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