Uniden takes the cordless phone to the next level of sophistication

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Uniden has launched a new promotion to support the release of its groundbreaking Bluetooth XDECT cordless phone system. From Monday 16 August 2010, consumers who purchase this new home/mobile phone solution will receive a free Wireless Power Starter Kit valued at almost $100.

The new Uniden Dual Mode XDECT R Series Bluetooth Cordless Phone (R035BT+1, RRP $229) allows users to pair up to two mobile phone handsets to their home cordless phone system, enabling them to use the same single piece of hardware to make and receive calls from either their home phone account or their mobile phone account.

With most mobile phone carriers offering free or drastically reduced call charges at certain times of the day, this means that a user can alternate between using their home and mobile service to maximise savings without having to switch handsets. It also means that users can still make and receive mobile phone calls if the mobile phone handset is being used for other purposes, such an MP3 or video player.

Talking about this release is Uniden senior national marketing executive Brad Hales.

“Once a mobile phone is paired with the Uniden system, incoming mobile calls can achieve the same performance as those connected to the landline,” Hales said. “The XDECT R Dual Mode Bluetooth phone also presents you with a viable alternative for staying connected while at home. For others, it could mean they are able to take advantage of competitive mobile-to-mobile call rates, while still enjoying the comfort of talking on the ergonomically designed home phone.”

To promote the launch of this new system, Uniden is offering consumers a free Wireless Power Starter Kit (RRP $99). This promotion will be run via redemption from Monday 16 August 2010 through until Father’s Day (Sunday 5 September 2010).

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