GPS system strands family in the bush, police rescue required

By Patrick Avenell

WILCANNIA, NSW: New South Wales Police have advised motorists to not trust GPS systems implicitly after a treacherous rescue mission to save a family that became lost due to the directions given by a satellite navigation device.

The family of four was travelling from Brisbane to Perth when the GPS system led them down closed roads near Wilcannia, around 1,000 kilometres northwest of Sydney. According to Police, the GPS system guided the family through closed roads, with their car eventually becoming bogged in an area flooded by recent heavy rainfall.

Police rescued the family after “several nights”, with the rescued hampered by inclement weather.

“The family had to sleep in their vehicle for several nights awaiting rescue while emergency services remained in regular contact with them,” said a Police spokesperson.

“About 8pm last night police from Wilcannia braved extreme difficult and treacherous road conditions to reach the family and rescue them and their pet dog.”

Police consequently reminded motorists to obey road rules and signs before obeying their GPS.

“This incident has prompted police to remind motorists to abide by road closures, take extra care on the roads during periods of bad weather and exercise caution when using in-car navigation devices.”

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