Philips recruits NRL stars for Father’s Day promotion

By Patrick Avenell at Wynyard Park

SYDNEY, NSW: Wendell Sailor, Nathan Hindmarsh and John Skandalis got up early this morning for a close shave to promote Philips new SensoTouch 3D shaver and a competition to find Australia’s Greatest Sports Dad.

In a marquee erected in Sydney’s busy Wynyard Park commuter stop, Philips entertained office workers on their way to the mines with an entertaining shaving competition between the two current hardmen from Parramatta and Wests Tigers (Hindmarsh and Skandalis) and former dual international, dynamic winger, noted self-admirer and St George Illawarra promoter Wendell Sailor.

Hosted by Channel 10’s Adam Hawse the three men of league battled it out to see who could produce the closest shave, as judged by a young lady who volunteered from amongst the madding crowd. To satiate Australians’ love of free food, Philips put on breakfast for the onlookers.

In the end, John Skandalis was declared the victor, much to chagrin of Sailor, who cheered himself up by continuing to look in the mirror.

Philips then invited some punters up to the stage to take the challenge. A facially hirsute man named Ray, who needed to trim his Santa Claus-esque beard with scissors before even switching on his shaver, won the commuter challenge, taking home his own SensoTouch 3D unit.

This event was staged for two reasons: firstly to kickstart Philips Father’s Day promotion for its shaver range and, secondly, to promote the Greatest Sports Dad competition, which raises money for charities.

To learn more about the Sports Dad competition, visit this website:

The Philips SensoTouch 3D (RQ1280CC) is available now for RRP $599.

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