JBL releases wireless speaker solution in Australia

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: JBL, well known manufacturer of loudspeaker and sounds systems, has released a speaker component that adds wireless capabilities to loudspeakers.

The JBL ON-Air WEM-1 Wireless Module has been released in Australia after succeeding in overseas markets for the past two years.

The device uses the 2.4GHz frequency band to eliminate the need for speaker wires between amplifiers and speakers.

It includes a transmitter module that connects to an audio source, a receiver unit that connects to a pair of speakers, a remote control, and accessories.

The WEM-1 uses four selectable channels to ensure interference-free transmission that can otherwise occur between household appliances like cordless phones or baby monitors.

The wireless module has an operating range of up to 21 metres.

Speaking of the Australian release, the managing director of JBL distributing company Convoy International, Geoff Matthews, said there were “endless” applications for the device.

“For example, connect the surround speakers for a home theatre system without running wires between the system and the back of the room, or connect a second zone so you can listen to any connected source while in another room. You can even connect it to your home computer and take your digital music collection anywhere within its 21 metre range,” said Mathews.

The WEM-1 is available at RRP $599.

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