Clive Peeters rebuilding: new MD concentrating on growing sales

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Nik Papa, the man who replaced Greg Smith in the running of Clive Peeters is firmly entrenched in restoring the troubled company's place in the market.

The giant retailer bought Clive Peeters in July and replaced the collapsed company’s managing director Greg Smith, with Nik Papa, a former Harvey Norman franchisee, six weeks ago.

According to a Clive Peeters spokesperson, “Papa has been extremely busy rebuilding the business. His main priority right now is to concentrate on growing sales”.

The spokesperson said Papa had indicated a future opportunity to discuss Clive Peeters plans, “moving forward”.

Papa was one of 25 Harvey Norman franchisees to win a Harvey gold award in 2009.

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