Full transcript of DJs’ sexual harrassment claimaint’s speech to media

Full transcript of Kristy Fraser-Kirk’s address to media.

“I wish to say a few words in the attempt that I may get some time away from the demands of the media. Also, I hope that you understand that as I have now commenced legal proceedings, I’m not presently in a position to take any questions.

“This has been a devastating period in my life: for me personally; for my professional career; and for the effect that it is having on my family and my friends, all of whom have supported me and continue to support me, with their unwavering love, commitment, and belief in what I am doing.

“I am a young woman standing here today simply because I said, ‘It wasn’t okay’.

“Because I said, ‘This should never happen to me or to anyone’.

“I just wanted to be treated with respect. I had high hopes for my career at David Jones and I believe that I could have gone far in my career had I been able to continue. By speaking out I have been forced to walk away from a career that I gave my all to, an industry that I respect, and the company that I believed in.

“Put simply, my whole life has now been turned upside down.

“I have tried my best to have this matter resolved fairly and with justice, but that appears not to be possible at the moment, which is extremely upsetting for my family and for me.

“I have received great strength from the courage of other women. That courage has shown to me that this issue goes greatly beyond my situation. It has been reported that David Jones has set up a 1800 phone number for women at David Jones to report inappropriate behaviour at that company.

“As I said, this is not just about me, so I would like to announce that we will also be setting up a confidential phone line for women at David Jones who feel more comfortable speaking to us.

“Can I also stress that if the court does decide to award punitive damages all of that money will go to a charity to help those affected by sexual misconduct at work.

“Finally, I want to thank my Mum and Dad. I know it’s not easy watching a daughter go through this, but it is because of your teachings and values that have afforded me the strength and courage to try my best to see that real change takes place. Thank you.”

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