Laser beams at industry showcase event

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: E-books are one of the fastest growing technologies, according to Chris Lau, managing director of Australian electronics company Laser.

“Almost nine per cent of all books sold in the last quarter were e-books and there are close to 2 million e-books available online,” Lau told last night at an industry showcase event.

Laser recently launched a “Kindle killer” multimedia e-book reader, the EB101, as reported on earlier this month.

Laser technology has focussed on the device’s multimedia and multifunctional capabilities to further distinguish it from its major competitor, which was showcased across the room at the same event.

“The Laser reader’s full colour technology adds more vibrancy to images and makes it suitable for children’s books”, said Lau.

“Star Wars-like auto scroll is being considered for next generation readers, adjusting to the rate at which one reads.”

The EB101 has sold out of retail stores since its release ten days ago.

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