JB ‘house brand’ Soniq to release its first 3D TV shortly

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Dedicated JB Hi-Fi consumers can rejoice, with sort-of house brand Soniq today confirming it is planning on releasing its first 3D TV to the Australian marketing in the short term.

Following on from Hisense revealing it was about to release its first 3D TV last week, Soniq is set to be the next Tier 2 player to enter the 3D TV fray.

“Soniq has already started our development process in 3D TV. We expect to have a Soniq 3D TV ready for the Australian market in the short term,” said the head of Soniq’s research and development department, Simon Wu.

Furthermore, Current.com.au can reveal that Soniq is planning on a multiple-format 3D solution, something only Samsung has thus far committed to.

“Currently, there is no standard on 3D TV technology, hence, Soniq’s 3D solution is very similar to that of Samsung’s 3D LED/LCD TV and Panasonic’s 3D PDP [plasma],” said Wu.

Overall, Wu said there was still a long way to go in 3D technology before the products are at the same standard as the best 2D-only TVs on the market. He said Soniq was working hard to overcome these technical challenges.

“Based on my current observation on the existing 3D TVs, there is still much improvement required, particularly [in regards to] 3D contrast and brightness, as well as the left and right eye interaction interference.

“Hence, our R&D team is putting a lot of emphasis on the improvement to better the overall customer 3D experience.”

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