New Plantronics Bluetooth headset: One more small step for man

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Neil Armstrong’s legendary words, 41 years ago, were spoken into a Plantronics headset. Last night those words were spoken into a distinctly evolved version.

Juggling work, kids, and shopping has been made a step easier with Plantronics latest Bluetooth headset, revealed last night at a Christmas themed product showcase.

The M100 is one of Plantronics lightest headsets weighing in at 9 grams, however, the device packs a punch of features including voice alerts for remaining talk time, low battery life and connection status.

Peter Petrides, national retail sales manager Plantronics Australia, said the M100 is particularly compatible with i-Phones.

“The M100 software links to an i-Phone by displaying remaining battery life,” Petrides told last night.

“Mobility is a big factor for us today and hands are important. Bluetooth devices compliment our lifestyles by allowing us to talk on the phone while we hold the kids, do the shopping or anything else that keeps us busy,” said Petrides.

“I’ve spoken to a lot of people who never used a Bluetooth headset before and were converted within the week.”

Other Plantronics M100 features include wind noise reduction and automatic noise adjustment – meaning background sound in cancelled whilst voice volume adjusts for comfortable listening.

The M100 is available for RRP $129.

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