How to confirm if your Sony Vaio is a burn risk

Sony Australia has confirmed there are 2,000 affected Vaio laptops (model numbers VPCF115FG, VPCF116FG and VPCF117HG) sold in Australia and New Zealand, click here to find out if you have a model that is a burn risk.

There are two ways to check whether your VAIO is included in the affected list.

1. Check on the system information screen.

How to access "System Information" to confirm the Product Code and Serial Number on the VAIO computer:

– Click Start
– Click All Programs and click VAIO Control Center
– Click System Information
– In the System Information screen, the model name and 7 digit serial number can be found at the right side of the window.

Note: The red rectangle indicates the location of the 8-digit Product Number while the blue rectangle indicates the location of the 7-digit Serial Number.

2. Check the label attached at the back of your VAIO. Please refer to the link below for more details.

Note: Item marked in red box is the 8-digit Product Number and item marked in blue box is the 7-digit Serial Number

Sony advises there are some exceptions depending on the serial number.

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