Fisher & Paykel upgrades its designer oven range

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Fisher & Paykel has today announced a series of upgrades to its OB60 range of high-end ovens. Considered to be the Designer range at F&P, the two new models have been modified to increase usability and functionality.

The three major changes to the OB60 range involve the number of shelves in the cavity, the grill function and the implementation of user alerts for optimum temperatures.

Previously containing only four shelves, the new configuration in this range allows for six possible settings. Changes to the lowest shelf in the oven have also allowed for greater use of the lower parts of the cavity.

The grilling element of the OB60 is now 3,000 watts, and it is now attached to the oven ceiling, which F&P says makes cleaning easier.

The final major change is in aesthetics and audio, with F&P adding backlit halos around the control knobs in order to alert users when the oven reaches its desired temperature. A audio tone can now also be played at this stage in the cooking process.

Discussing these changes is F&P national marketing manager Peter Russell.

“We have always prided ourselves on not only creating exceptional products, but also enhancing and adapting key designs according to consumer needs,” Russell said.

The two models in the OB60 range are the OB60S9DEPX1 (RRP $2,199) and the OB60S9DEX1 (RRP $1,599).

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