Kambrook heavily promoting novelty appliances for Christmas

By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Get ready for kids in the kitchen this summer with Kambrook's new Little Chefs range of appliances.

This sub-brand encompasses six kid-friendly appliances in refreshingly colourful packaging. Although these products have been available previously, Kambrook has invested in rebranding and repackaging, and will be supporting the range, primarily through point-of-sale marketing.

Kambrook marketing manager, Adam Tacey, confirmed the price point at RRP $39 for all six products.

Kambrook will be supplying retailers the point of sale and promotional material for the Little Chefs range, which can be used for any of the products due to the uniformity in price and packaging. A kids apron features as the initial promotional item and is expected to be popular, according to Tacey.

Kambrook expects the Snow Flakes Ice Shaver especially to be a hit, Tacey told Current.com.au this morning. The range also includes the Mr Mustard Hot Dog Maker, the Flutter Butter Popcorn Maker, the Shimmy Shake Milkshake Maker, the Crazy Crunch Cookie Maker and the Sugar and Spice Doughnut Maker.

Tacey said each appliance incorporates three steps that children will find easy and fun to follow.

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