Dyson multiplies its fan range

By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: Dyson has this morning announced the international launch of two new additions to its range of Air Multiplier fans with two new floor standing models designed for use in large spaces.

Utilising Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology, both the tower (AM02) and pedestal (AM03) fans are able to produce airflow with no spinning blades or grilles, as well as no buffeting.

“Air conditioning is inefficient and gives little or no ventilation, so we engineered machines to circulate smooth air in larger rooms,” said James Dyson.

“The popularity of the AM01 shows that people prefer smooth, non-buffeting air so we adapted the geometry of the desk fan to draw in even greater amounts of air and maximise airflow.”

The one metre high AM02 tower fan comes in at 19-centimetres wide and, according to the company, draws 33-litres of air through a missed flow impeller each second, which is then amplified in volume 16 times using Air Multiplier technology.

The AM03 pedestal fan extends from a height of 1.2 metres to 1.4 metres for use in larger areas such as living rooms and offices and offers more airflow than any other fan in the Dyson Air Multiplier range, said Dyson.

While also drawing in 33 litres of air per second, the AM03 pedestal amplifies the air by 18 times.

Both the AM02 and AM03 Air Multiplier fans will be available in Australia later in the year. Consumers can visit the Dyson website for more information about release dates and prices.

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