Nikon goes back to school

Many consumers are afraid to move up to a DSLR camera because of the steep learning curve compared to a compact unit. To help educate these consumers Nikon Australia has launched its Nikon School.

The Nikon School kicks off on Saturday 26 June in Melbourne with the Introduction to DSLR class.

“Each class will feature dedicated ‘hands on’ workshops, making the most of each location’s close proximity to popular landmarks, botanical gardens and city vistas. Photographers will have plenty of opportunity to practice new techniques under expert guidance,” said Nick Segger, Nikon Australia’s senior marketing manager.

“The Introduction to DSLR class will encourage students to use their DSLR to its full potential and expand their visual creativity. Our instructors will guide DSLR users as they experiment with the camera’s full range of functions and gain confidence in their photography.”

The Nikon School will run every Saturday from 26 June to 25 September 2010 between 10am and 4pm.

Consumers must register online at

A $249 fee will be charged and includes a four-part lecture program and hands-on training for the full day. Consumers must bring their own DSLR and basic lens to participate.

The Nikon sessions will be held at the Sydney Harbour Marriot Hotel, the Melbourne Marriot Hotel and Quay West Suites in Brisbane.

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