F&P to debut new exhibit, takes dig at rival supplier

By Patrick Avenell

MELBOURNE, VIC: Fisher & Paykel will unveil its new display of cooking and kitchen appliances at the Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show tomorrow.

In anticipation of this, national marketing manager Peter Russell has said consumers and retailers should expect to be blown away by this exhibition.

 “We can promise visitors that this will be the first time they have seen an appliance company display their products in this way in Australia, and possibly the world,” Russell said.

“This unique and daring display continues Fisher & Paykel’s commitment to true innovation and supports our brand proposition, ‘How Very Thoughtful’.”

This new display comes two years after Fisher & Paykel debuted ‘Ironside’, which was a revolutionary way of showing off F&P’s then new Izona concept. Russell took a dig at one of his competitors in describing its success.

 “Ironside, as it has been affectionately known, was an enormous success and toured Australia’s food and design trade shows. In fact it was so successful that another major appliance brand copied our concept,” he said.

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