LED backlit notebooks see massive growth

According to the latest report from DisplaySearch, LED backlit displays in notebook computers achieved huge levels of growth from Q1 2009 to Q1 2010. Despite the higher cost of production, LED backlighting is expected to eliminate traditional CCFL in the near future.

The latest DisplaySearch ‘Quarterly LED Backlight Panel Shipment and Forecast’ report highlighted that LED backlight penetration in notebook PCs grew rapidly from 36 per cent in Q1 2009 to 81.5 per cent in Q1 2010.

According to Anita Huang, DisplaySearch analyst, the higher premium and difficult assembly have presented challenges in adoption, but the growing demand for slim panels will cancel out these concerns.

“Despite the higher cost and assembly issues, the slim type will continue to grow as a result of notebook manufacturer priorities for slimmer form factors over cost premiums,” said Huang.

“As the yield rate improves, and the economies of scale for the slim type grow, we expect that the slim type premium will be reduced.”

The report mentions that notebook PC panel makers are expecting to nearly eliminate CCFL backlit notebooks from the notebook PC market by 2011.

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