Belkin unveils vast range of iPhone 4 cases

Belkin has just announced an extensive line up of new iPhone 4 cases and accessories. The range is designed to cater for a variety of consumers and their different smartphone usage.

According to Patrick Domingue, managing director of Belkin ANZ, the new range will protect the new iPhone 4 no matter how it is used.

“iPhone users lead mobile lifestyles, taking their devices wherever they go to ensure anytime connectivity. The phones get dropped into cluttered handbags, stuffed into pockets and even carried in hand by constant users. Belkin’s new cases have been designed to protect the iPhone however it is carried, keeping it safe from damage,” he said.

Belkin has identified five different ways consumers carry their iPhone: in a pocket, in the hand, in a bag, attached to themselves, and whilst active. All of Belkin’s accessories will cater for this different user.

The range consist of the Grip cases including the Grip Ergo with Strap, Grip Graphix, Grip Vue and Grip Edge. Shielded cases are also available including the Shield Eclipse, Shield Fusion, Shield Shock and Shield Micra. There is also Verve including the Verve Cinema, Verve Sleeve with Clip and Verve Folio.

For the active consumer Belkin offers the DualFit and FastFit armbands. It also produces screen protectors including the MatteScreen Overlay 3-pack and the ClearScreen Overlay 3-pack.

All of the accessories mentioned will be available in July and other styles will be introduced throughout 2010.

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