Samsung unveils new flagship EX1 camera at PMA (with photos)

By Paul Hayes

MELBOURNE: VIC, was this morning at the opening of the PMA Digital Life Expo to see the Australian launch of two world first products from Samsung.

Samsung’s EX1 is the new flagship of the company’s digital camera range.

Designed to operate at optimum capacity of lowlight conditions, the EX1 includes a 24-millimetre bright ultra-wide angle Schneider Kreuznach f/1.8 lens which, according to the company, is the first time such a bright and wide lens is offered in a compact camera.

Samsung’s digital AV marketing manager, Sagar Dave, said the EX1 offers people DSLR quality in a compact camera unit.

“You get the ability to get those high quality images without the bulk,” he told

Also designed to shoot in lowlight conditions, the bright lens is designed to allow users to shoot a variety of imagery at any time of day and in poor conditions.

Also showcased at the Samsung stand was the WB2000 which has been designed for both novice and experienced users.

According to Sager, the WB2000 is the world’s first compact camera that is capable of simultaneously HD video and hi resolution images in the same mode.

“This puts the ease of use in the hands of the consumer,” said Dave.

In addition, the camera offers an advanced panoramic shot with objet tracking feature, which the company said is a unique technology that allows users to track a specific object during the sweep of a panoramic shot.

The WB2000 is available now for RRP $599, while the flagship EX1 will be on the market at the end of June for RRP $449.

Samsung's controlled light EX1 stand is designed to show the camera's lowlight capabilities.

Samsung's dedicated WB2000 stand. That robot is actually scheduled to play those drums.

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