Camera enthusiasts flock to PMA Digital Life Expo

The Digital Life Expo just wrapped up in Melbourne over the weekend and according to Peter Rose, PMA director, the camera expo set new records in terms of attendance.

Rose said that the Digital Life Expo 2010 attracted a record total registration figure, in excess of 23,000.

He attributes this to an increase in dealer support and larger advertising investments across radio, television, press and social media.

“It was a fantastic result. While we are still in the process of auditing and checking figures, we know that we have well and truly broken the 20,000 barrier,” he said.

Dealer support also helped to boost numbers for the expo due to the fact that advertisements were used to drive consumers into photo stores to collect free entry passes.

This dealer drive was supported by an extensive social media campaign provided by Sunpro Games. Around 1000 pre-registrations were recorded in the lead up to the event.

To support the expo over the three day period, a group of CBD retailers worked together to sponsor a special Digital Life Expo bus which ran between the convention centre and the GPO. Peter Michaels of Michaels camera store in Melbourne said that the event really helped to spur on sales.

“As retail sales can vary quite significantly, we needed to put a little ‘science’ into determining the sales that resulted from the show,” said Michaels.

“We have done that conservatively, and we believe that the show generated a 26% increase in sales for the 3 days of the show.”

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