Navteq launches new features to help life on the road

By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: Digital map and content supplier, Navteq, has unveiled a range of new features at the CeBit trade fair currently running at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Chief among the new offerings is the company’s Traffic Patterns, a database with information about average speed of travel for specific sections of roadways which is designed to allow drivers to avoid congestion areas and rely on more accurate arrival time estimates.

According to Navteq, Traffic Patterns calculates the most ideal route based on historical traffic flow patterns, which change for various times of the day and days of the week and can be integrated into navigation systems to enable more informed routing choices.

“This offering will change how Australian commuters rely on navigation, giving them alternative, time-saving routes based on quality traffic information,” said senior vice president for Navteq traffic, Howard Hayes.

In addition to Traffic Patterns, CeBit was also the platform for the launch of Navteq’s location-based advertising service in Australia.

Debuting in Australia via Yapp Mobile, LocationPoint is a service that delivers relevant advertising to users, often in the form of special offers to on-the-road consumers for nearby points of purchase, and guides them to the retail outlet in question.

Navteq business development manager, Rohan Fernando, told that what makes LocationPoint unique is that the service features built-in calls to action which guide consumers to specific advertised locations and in turn helps to drive store traffic.

LocationPoint can also be utilised on a number of mobile device, including through portable navigation device or mobile phone applications.

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