What the punters at Domayne thought of 3D Origin

By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: While attending a special screening of last night’s 3D broadcast of the State of Origin game, Current.com.au asked some of the people what they thought.

The overall experience:
Mags from St. Leonards.
“I love the fact that you are so immersed in the game. Once you experience it, it’s brilliant.”

John from Canterbury.
“It’s great. I also saw the Fox broadcast (of the soccer on Monday night) and I would say that this one is better quality.”

Jeff from Crow’s Nest.
“It’s really impressive. You come in with a bit of scepticism, but it really does represent an improvement.”

Watching rugby league in 3D:
Jeff from Crow’s Nest.
“You get a better appreciation of the game, the size of the players, how they move. The way the whole game develops.”

John from Canterbury.
“There was actually a little bit if ghosting in the Fox broadcast on, say, the other side of the field. I would say that this broadcast is a lot sharper.”

Michael from Carlton.
“I don’t know if 3D really lends itself to rugby league. I actually think it’s too fast a game, while something like soccer, where the ball is airborne and you can capture that movement through the air, is better. I saw a demo for soccer and it was magic.”

Sports as a whole in 3D:
Jeff from Crow’s Nest.
“Everything I have seen tonight only convinces me that this really is where sport is going to go in the future. As a viewing experience, the case for sport in 3D is really compelling. That might not be the case for other things, but for someone who watches a lot of sport on TV it really is a quantum upgrade.”

Buying a 3D TV:
Mags from St. Leonards.
“I am definitely glad my husband and I put our credit cards away because we would definitely be buying one tonight.

Did you watch it in 3D? What were your thoughts?

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