Blanco takes elbow grease out of the oven

By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: Blanco has tried to remove the most arduous of kitchen tasks with its new range of ovens, which are designed to clean themselves at the touch of a button.

According to the company, its BOSE6APX and BOSE69PX platinum ovens feature pyrolytic technology which uses high temperature to carbonise grease and grit on the sides, base and roof of the oven, creating a light ash that can be simply wiped away with a damp cloth to help ensure a better cleaning result.

The ovens come with two cleaning options: a standard two hour or 90 minute ECO clean.

Blanco’s ovens feature enamelled side racking which can stay in the oven during the pyrolytic cleaning process, helping to eliminate the need to remove and manually clean them.

The BOSE6APX platinum also features an auto cook function technology which calculates the right amount of heat, time and even shelf position to help ensure well cooked dishes every time.

The oven also comes with an oven door comprising four layers of glass which is designed to be cooler to the touch, a safety lock which automatically engages during the pyrolytic cleaning process and a stainless steel design with LCD touch control display.

Blanco’s BOSE69PX (RRP $2099) and BOSE6APX (RRP $2549) ovens both feature two anti-tipping wire grids, flat baking with grilling grid, a ‘flat’ baking tray, two enamelled wire side racks and an oven rotisserie.

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