Updated: Business not so usual at Clive Peeters

By Paul Hayes

MAROOCHYDORE, QLD: With Clive Peeters going into receivership yesterday, customers and suppliers may be understandably worried about losing money or goods, or both.

Despite receivers and managers, PPG, announcing that Clive Peeters stores will continue with ‘business as usual’, a dissatisfied customer in Queensland told Current.com.au that she has experienced anything but.

The customer, who asked to be referred to as Carol, purchased a two drawer dishwasher at the Maroochydore store on the afternoon of Wednesday 19 May, the day Clive Peeters went into administration.

Given the option of having the dishwasher delivered that day, Carol ultimately elected to have her electrician collect it today.

Upon learning the retailer went into receivership, she went to the store to try and collect her dishwasher, but had little luck.

“I have been to the store this morning with a letter of demand and they would not release the goods,” said Carol.

Carol said she was then told that if she paid again for the same item she would be able to take it home today.

“I am at a loss to know why I was not told at the time of purchase (1:18pm Wednesday 19 May) of the situation the company was in. Needless to say I feel very let down because it appears that store managers would have been aware at that time.”

Regardless of what the store managers may have known, Carol feels cheated that she can’t get her hands on what she has paid for.

“Aware or not, the loss of over $1,200 is the over-riding issue, with the probable principle of deceit being the other.”

Staff at the Clive Peeters Maroochydore store declined to comment when contacted by Current.com.au.

UPDATE: Current.com.au has learnt that soon after the original publishing of this article, management at the Clive Peeters store in Maroochydore got in touch with Carol and said they would endeavour to deliver the dishwasher to her home later this afternoon.

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