Most consumers going online before going into a store

By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: A new survey from online retailer has shown that 90 per cent of Australians are likely or very likely to research a purchase online before going into a bricks-and-mortar store to make the purchase.

According to the survey, which was undertaken by 180 people, mobility is also important in doing their online research and shopping, with 51 per cent of respondents saying that they are likely or extremely likely to make a purchase from a mobile device.

With the iPad hitting Australian stores last week, as well as the continued the rise and rise of smartphones, online information and mobility are increasingly important factors in the future of retail.

“Shoppers have embraced the flexibility that the new generation of mobile devices has given them,” said CEO, Paul Marshall.

“While some buying decisions may still entail a visit to a store or browsing through a catalogue, many buyers are now conducting their research online through multiple devices.”

Marshall believes that retailers, regardless of whether they are online or traditional bricks-and-mortar, need to embrace the changing ways that consumers are doing their shopping.

“The smart retailers recognise this and are building multi-channel marketing programs to capture and motivate these mobile consumers.”

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