Kenwood’s new appliance has 55(!) functions

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Kenwood has today released its new food processor, the Multipro Excel. This new device features 55 functions, including fruit juicing, spice crushing and coffee bean grinding.

The Multipro Excel runs off a 1,200-watt motor, which sits inside a brushed metal casing. There are several bowl sizes, including 4-litre, 2.9-litre and 1.75-litre. Importantly, this model features Kenwood’s Tri-Drive system, which allows the machines to run at three different speeds from the same base.

This model joins Kenwood’s ubersuccessful Chef and Kitchen Machine products at the premium end of the market. Category manager, SDA, Filiz Bensan attributed Kenwood’s success in the small appliance categories to this positioning.

“Our success has been due to the strong range line-up and innovative products launched across the category,” she said. “The new Kenwood Multipro Excel is no exception.”

“It represents the best in class and is an outstanding new addition to the food processor range, where Kenwood performs very strongly due to its positioning at the premium end.”

Attachments include a 1.5-litre glass liquidiser, a glass multi-mill, serrated stainless steel blades, twin metal whisks, a citrus juicer, a dough blade and six single-sided slicing and shredding disks.

Bensan said small appliances don’t need to be price competitive, with well-featured products selling at high price points when the right consumers are targeted.

“We have been able to introduce new products targeting different price points but more importantly to drive value across the category where we have targeted the premium end of the market. 

“This offers us a great opportunity to cater for those consumers who want high performance products and demand the best results. The FP980 really delivery’s and captures the design and innovation philosophy of Kenwood and sets a new standard in the food processor category”.

The Kenwood FP980 is RRP $699.

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