Samsung aims for efficiency with new washing machines

By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: Samsung Electronics has released three new washing machines that are designed to save water, energy and time through the increased use of unique technology.

The front loading WF9854RWE washer features a larger capacity of 8.5-kilograms so more clothes can be washed in less time, said the company.

With a 3.5 star rating energy efficient rating, the machine also features Samsung’s Aqua Shower technology, which the company said ensures clothes are washed more thoroughly while still treated with care.

The front loader also incorporates Samsung’s Super EZ Iron feature and Air Refresh system, which is designed to help remove odours associated with sweat and smoke.

According to Samsung, the 8-kilogram SW80SPWIP and 7-kilogram SW70SPWIP top loaders both deliver water efficiency by utilising the company’s Mist Shower technology, which is designed to reduce unnecessary water usage during washes and can save up to 35-litres of water per cycle.

The SW80SPWIP also features Samsung’s Double Storm Pulsator, which the company said uses dual jets of water to create multi-dimensional water currents to help achieve a deeper clean.

All three of the new washers feature Diamond Drum technology, which uses water exit holes to minimise the risk of clothes getting caught and damaged without compromising on performance.

The technology reduces the textile area exposed to the harmful effects of washing by up to 34 per cent and is gentle enough to wash delicate clothing, said Samsung.

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