JVC goes all 80s style with new ghettoblaster

By Paul Hayes and Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Remember the Ghettoblaster? Or perhaps you knew it best as the Boombox. Regardless of what name you have to the bulky volume machine you wore atop your shoulder during the 1980s, JVC is now attempting to revive this fashion by introducing a new version of the once ubiquitous audio phenomenon.

Amusingly, JVC’s new unit is named for both the Ghettoblaster and the Boombox, with the Japanese audio specialists labelling it the BoomBlaster. If the company hits the mark with this release, there could be a whole new generation of urban music fans using its impressive sound output to intimidate senior citizens at bus stops and public parks.

Maintaining both a retro and futuristic look with a standard cylindrical design, the Silver BoomBlaster (RV-NB50S) features 40-watts of power, bass enhancement circuitry and a woofer at each end.

Bringing the player into the digital age, the BoomBlaster’s iPod dock includes a protective door, while the USB host is designed for playing back music files stored on a USB mass storage device. 

In addition, there is a CD player compatible with MP3 and WMA file playback, and an FM tuner. Front audio input and headphones connections are designed to provide users with additional flexibility.

Because ergonomics and OHS is more important now, the BoomBlaster features a shoulder strap so it can be used more effectively when on the move.

The BoomBlaster is available now for RRP $439.

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