Two new video cameras hitting attractive price points

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: BenQ and Cisco have both released new video cameras: one of them a traditional camcorder, the other a modern take on the camcorder market.

BenQ’s new DVM1 is the first camcorder from the supplier best known for its PC monitors.

It is a Full HD recorder with a 3-inch LCD display. The launch model is a striking red tone, while the form factor is the more traditional body-with-flipscreen design.

It has a 5x optical zoom and up to 10x digital zoom, built-in 10-megapixel camera and 3-second auto pre-record.

This camera is compatible with 4-gigabyte SD cards and 32-gigabyte SDHC cards. This model will be available by the end of April for RRP $399.

Meanwhile, Cisco has released the next generation of its Flip Video range: the MinoHD.

This model includes twice the in-built recording time of the first iteration; up to 120 minutes. Users can also directly upload their videos straight onto their Facebook pages.

“Flip Video has changed the video camera market and made shooting and sharing videos easier than ever before,” said Cisco consumer products managing director, Todd Lynton.

“Flip has been a huge hit in Australia and the next generation Flip MinoHD lets users shoot twice as much video, enjoy a bigger screen, and even upload their videos directly to Facebook with the latest version of FlipShare.”

The new Flip Video is available now for RRP $299.

Finally, Tasco today released two new GE-branded digital cameras, for RRP $89 (C1033) and $99 (C1233).

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