Fisher & Paykel’s iPhone app payment trial

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Selected Fisher & Paykel service technicians have been trialling a new payment app for the iPhone that is set to give the agents a competitive edge in ease-of-use and bank costs. The app, which was designed by the ANZ Bank, allows the technicians to process credit card payments remotely and securely without the need for a mobile EFTPOS machine.

The ANZ Bank developed this app to improve the convenience for its business clients with remote operations. Fisher & Paykel is one of three current business trialling the system, with ANZ constantly receiving feedback on how to improve its operation once it ready for a full rollout. The other two trial participants are a mobile suit tailor and a mobile car detailer.

This is how the system works: the specially built app is downloaded onto an iPhone, which the technician can also use as mobile phone. After completing a service call, he opens the app by entering in a security password. He then enters the customer’s credit card details, including the security code, and records the customer’s email address.

Once all the details are confirmed, he submits the details for the bank to verify. Approval or rejection is almost instantaneous. Upon the transaction’s approval an email is sent to both the customer and the service agent with all the relevant details. These details are also sent in real time to the payee’s system, so that payments can be tracked from head office immediately. The technician also has the power to reverse a transaction.

ANZ group general manager – innovation, Peter Dalton said no details were stored on the phone, and because the password must be entered each time the app is accessed, there is no risk of fraud occurring should a phone be lost or stolen.

Fisher & Paykel technician Brant Sargeson said the feedback to the new program has been very positive, with no consumers declining to have their details entered onto the iPhone. He also noted that because he no longer needs the EFTPOS terminal, he is shorn of one of the gadgets he has to carry with him when working.

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