Ilve flies in new rangehoods for first look (first pictures)

 By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: Kitchen appliance retailer Ilve has gone to considerable lengths to display its new rangehoods at this week’s DesignEx, bringing in its latest model via air freight just for the show.

Feature a sleek black or white design for the modern kitchen, Ilve’s Sphera rangehoods come with adjustable and delayed self switching off, multiple light indicators and a 24-hour comfort function.

The Sphera light indicators include grease filter maintenance, charcoal filter substitution and long life charcoal filter regeneration and substitution.

According to the company, the 24-hour comfort feature allows for cleaning the air in the kitchen when the oven hood is not being used. Air extraction cycles are activated at programmed time intervals, 5-minutes on and 25-minutes off, and are designed to clean the air of any lingering odours.

The Sphera rangehoods also feature perimeter extraction, which Ilve said increases extraction performance and reduces noise by forcing fumes through a slit that runs along the perimeter of the hood.

The new rangehoods also come with a soft on/off light, ambient light and slow motion opening that moves the glass and is designed to front to create a correct extraction surface.

While no RRP has been announced, Ilve’s Sphera rangehoods will be available in Australia from May.


Ilvie's Sphera rangehoods are available in both black and white.

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