New Asko releases for the kitchen and laundry

By Paul Hayes

MELBOURNE, VIC: Asko has announced the release of its 2010 range of dishwashers, washing machines and ovens.

In the kitchen, Asko has highlighted the D5893XXL dishwasher, which features a loading height of 58 centimetres, four flexible baskets, 10 spray zones and a status light to let users know where they are in the washing cycle.

According to the company, the XXL is the largest loading height capacity dishwasher available on the Australian market, while using 13.9 litres of water for a normal wash.

Dubbed ‘Mr Big’ by the company, the D5893XXL dishwasher is available for RRP $2,699, or with a touchproof stainless steel door for RRP $2,899.

Also in the kitchen, Asko’s OP8650 Sensor Pyrolytic Multi-functional Oven has been designed with ease of use firmly in mind.

A single dial and LCD functionality screen helps users more easily decide which of the oven’s programs best suits their needs.

The sensor oven also features the ability to operate automatically and cook up to 39 pre-programmed dishes at the turn of a dial.

Asko’s Eco Washer W6883ECO front loading washing machine has been designed to allow users to use their own hot water during the washing process, which the company said can result in up to 60 per cent in energy savings when compared to other front loaders in its range.

The machine automatically mixes hot and cold water connections until it reaches the desired water temperature.

The Eco Smart is available for RRP $2,099.

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