Panasonic impresses with dedicated 3D plasma range

By Patrick Avenell

MELBOURNE, VIC: 3D TV on plasma is the best solution for consumers looking for immersive technology, according to Panasonic consumer electronics group director, Paul Reid.

The plasma message was key today at Panasonic’s 2010 Viera launch in Melbourne, and later this week retailers from across Australia will visit the Melbourne Exhibition Centre to decide for themselves if this analysis is accurate.

Panasonic will be releasing four new 3D TVs this year: the first in June, followed by two releases in October and one in November.

The smallest size in Panasonic’s range will be the 50 inch launch model, which will go to market at RRP $3,299. The next sizes will be 54, 58 and 65 inches. No pricing was revealed for these three models.

To watch 3D content, Panasonic will introduce its first 3D Blu-ray player in June for RRP $599. To make 3D viewing possible, Panasonic Eyeware at RRP $199 is also required.

At launch, the 50-inch 3D panel will be bundled with two Blu-ray discs: Ice Age 3D and Coraline.

One of the major points Reid wanted to convey at this press conference is the absence of polarisation from 3D plasma panels.

He said that 3D technology on LCD is imperfect, with viewers unable to gain the full array of viewing angles when watching 3D content on an LCD screen.

He invited guests to turn their heads to one side when watching 3D on an LCD screen. When we did this, it was clear that the image darkened and was no longer the bright and brilliant picture people expect from LCD screens.

Despite this, however, because 3D is such an active and vibrant experience, it is unlikely that many consumers would invest in the technology and then to watch it from such an angle.

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