Dyson Australia issues recall on DC05 Motorhead

By Patrick Avenell and James Wells

SYDNEY, NSW: Dyson Australia has issued a precautionary recall notice on a barrel model it first sold locally 10 years ago. This is Dyson’s first product recall since it began operating in the Australian market.

The product being recalled is the Dyson DC05 Motorhead, which was last sold in Australia in 2004. Current.com.au understands 25,000 units of the DC05 Motorhead were sold through a small number of retailers, including Harvey Norman, Myer, David Jones and selected Retravision outlets. Dyson has already informed retailers and dealers of the safety recall.

The specific issue with the DC05 is a plastic component on the handle that, if removed, can expose three brass rings with the potential to conduct electricity.

Dyson is advising consumers who are still using this product to contact the supplier on 1800 275 397.

“We are asking owners of the DC05 to ring us up, and if there aren’t any cracks on the plastic, keep using it; if it looks like it might be broken or cracked, we’ll give them another hose,” said Dyson Australia managing director.

“There should be no hazard if the machine is being used properly. We’ll also be sending everyone an overclamp so it won’t happen again.”

Cameron has organised for additional staff to field calls regarding this recall. Consumers who are unsure if their model is affected are advised to check their unit’s serial number. Only those numbers beginning with 079 are affected; all other units are not Motorhead models. Dyson is advising any consumer in any doubt to contact their office.

Cameron stressed that Dyson is placing consumer safety at the fore with this action and is placing the safety notice in major newspapers nationally to convey this information.

“We are being very responsible on this one: we are placing very large ads in all the major papers to make sure that we capture as many people as possible.

“If the unit is not broken or damaged in any way then there are no problems with the machine.”

This recall is applicable in the United Kingdom, Japan and several countries in Europe.

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