Dick Smith survey shows consumers are confused about technology

According to a recent consumer poll carried out by retailer Dick Smith, a large proportion of consumer electronics shoppers struggle to understand new technology.

The findings highlighted that 65 per cent of consumer electronics shoppers find instruction manuals for technology products hard to understand or simply do not have time to read them. A further 43 per cent find it a challenge to get new technology up and running at home.

In addition, 33 per cent of consumers said that technology products have become more complicated in the past ten years and 27 per cent think that using and installing technology will get more confusing in the future.

Debra Singh, general manager of Dick Smith, commented on the recent findings.

“Consumer electronics shoppers are clearly finding it difficult to understand and set up their new technology. Many are switching on their new technology without even having read the instruction manual,” she said.

“Despite the challenges that shoppers are having setting up and using their technology, they are choosing their new products based on performance and features rather than ease of use.”

In response to this feedback, Dick Smith has announced that it will extend the reach of its Dick Smith Mobile Techxpert service. This service is designed to provide in-home technology support for home entertainment and computer equipment in regions where Dick Smith stores are located.

“The feedback we get from customers across the country is that they simply want to take their new purchase home, plug it in and make it work without any hassle,” she said.

“Dick Smith Mobile Techxpert service has been designed with this need in mind. It helps alleviate the technology burden and lets consumers get more enjoyment from the technology in their home.”

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