Telstra announces executive reshuffle

Telstra CEO David Thodey has announced a major restructure to the company’s executive team. One of the key changes is the appointment of a new group managing director for Telstra’s consumer business.

According to Thodey the changes reflect the changing operating structure of the company, with a significant drive to help improve the customer experience and make Telstra a world leader in sales, marketing and product innovation.

The key change to the business is the appointment of Gordon Ballantyne as the new group managing director of Telstra Consumer and Channels, which is effective in June.

The other two aspects of the restructure include the appointment of Kate McKenzie to the newly created position of chief marketing officer and expanding the role of Robert Nason, who will now take on the responsibility of corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and the program office. He will still hold the title of group managing director of customer experience, simplicity and productivity.

“Telstra’s core objectives are to provide our customers with innovative products and services, and to serve our customer better than anybody else,” said Thodey.

“This reorganisation is designed to get the right people and processes in place. It will enable us to better deliver Australians the services and products they want and to profitably grow our business domestically and internationally.”

Thodey was confident that Ballantyne was the correct choice as the new head of the company’s consumer business.

“Gordon Ballantyne is the right person for this critical position. He will lead our drive to win new customers and better serve existing customers in the consumer market,” he said.

“Gordon arrives at Tesltra as we take our Next G mobile network to the next level in terms of speed, and as we introduce new fixed-line products such as T-Hub and T-Box.”

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