Sunbeam steams up the ironing category

Last night Sunbeam held an exclusive party in Bondi to celebrate the launch of its latest iron range, Verve. A new partnership with fashion designer Camilla Franks was also announced to highlight the link between ironing and fashion.

The launch was held at Camilla’s Beach House at Bondi Beach amidst the famous designer’s Kaftan collection. The reason for the location was to highlight the fact that consumers must protect their investment in fashion with a new Verve iron.

There are four models in the new line-up ranging in price from RRP $64.95 for the entry level 62 Platinum through to RRP $119 for the premium 68 Resilium model. All models feature distinctive colours to make it easier for consumers to distinguish each model on the store shelf.

According to Danielle Thompson, marketing manager for Sunbeam irons, the most impressive aspect of the Verve range is its Extreme Shot of Steam technology.

“The Verve’s Extreme Shot of Steam produces 80 grams of steam per minute, which is actually delivering output levels that are very similar to that of a steam station. Without the price tag,” she said.

According to Thompson, many consumers are hesitant about ironing delicate fabrics, but she insists Verve is completely safe.

“The reason we held this launch at Camilla’s Beach House was to demonstrate that you can even iron very delicate designer clothing without worrying about damaging the fabric,” she said.

Camilla was very surprised to see how effective Verve was on her products.

“All my collections have been hand designed and are extremely delicate,” she said. “In the past I’ve been hesitant to recommend ironing on my garments, but Sunbeam’s Verve range uses steam so effectively that I have no qualms about using these irons for garment care and finishing touches. I trust Sunbeam entirely when it comes to irons.”

To emphasise this commitment to fashion, Sunbeam also announced that it will be supporting Camilla at this year’s Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, in Sydney on 3 May 2010.

The entire range of Verve irons will be available from 15 April 2010.

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