Motorola enters the Australian smartphone arena

At a launch event in Sydney this morning, Motorola made a comeback into the Australian mobile marketplace. Although it has been quiet for the last few years, Motorola has teamed up with Optus to offer two new Android smartphones.

According to Timo Brouwer, managing director of Motorola ANZ and Pacific Islands, the company is ready to reinvigorate the Australian mobile industry.

“Motorola has been a bit quiet over the last few years in Australia,” he said. “We didn’t want to release a normal mobile phone; we wanted to make sure we launched a device that revolutionised smartphones.”

Both of the handsets from Motorola will feature the company’s new Motoblur service, which is designed to make mobile social networking and email easier for consumers.

Brouwer said that Motoblur has been designed from the ground up using the Android platform. The application allows Motorola smartphones to synch all of your accounts from Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube onto the one app.

Motoblur will then make this information readily available, all from the home page of your Dext or Backflip handset. This service also includes a universal contacts list to make it easier to keep in touch. As an example, consumers will be able to call a friend, send an email, find their birth date, see their Twitter of Facebook updates, and access their latest photos all in the one place.

The Motoblur service is also an important tool for those who may have a lost or stolen phone. Using the handsets built in GPS technology, Motoblur will give consumers the exact location of their lost handset when they log onto their account from a home computer.

If the handset cannot be recovered, a Motoblur account will then allow consumers to transfer all of their saved information across to a new handset.

The Dext and Backflip both run on the Android operating system, offer full touch capabilities and incorporate QWERTY keyboards. The main difference between the two devices is that the Dext has a normal slide out QWERTY keypad and the Backflip has a unique reverse-flip design.

Both handsets will be exclusively available through Optus World, Optus Yes Shops, premium dealers, business partners and online via Telesales from 9 April 2010.

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